My Work with Teachers

My work with teachers endeavours to honour context-specific needs of the schools they teach in and the students they teach. My sessions are not one-size-fits-all and aim to provide a safe space for teachers to risk the inevitable failures in the journey of reaching and teaching every last student. 

My PD Principles in a Nutshell

Services for Individual Teachers


Individualized support for teachers looking to improve their practice, troubleshoot problems along the way, overcome obstacles, & learn whatever is required to do the same.

For eg.,

Review + Feedback

Review of work already done (or begun) towards a goal; support to troubleshoot problems along the way; resources & direction.

For eg.,  

Intensive Coaching in Student Teaching

The teacher and I meet for sessions and consultations once every Y weeks.

X and Y are decided collaboratively with the teacher. 

For eg.,

"Three 6th graders are spelling at the 1st-grade level. I'd like to co-teach them with you."  

Services for Groups of Teachers

Professional Development Sessions

Sessions in areas of my expertise and experience with specified learning outcomes and agenda that's pre-decided. 

For eg.,  

PS: These sessions are also available to individual teachers.