To understand life is to understand ourselves, and that is both the beginning and the end of education." 

-Jiddu Krishnamurthy


I learnt algorithmic thinking and tenacity as a student of Computer Science and Engineering at M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology. I have a B. Ed. Degree from Savitribai Phule Pune University where I wrestled with the impossible dilemmas and contradictory dichotomies of teacher education in India for four long years. 

Outside of these two formal degrees, all my education in teaching and learning has been auto-didactic. I use my students' needs as starting points in my exploration of areas in teaching and learning through books, papers, workshops, courses, and webinars. My teaching practice holds a better mirror than formal exams. My students' learning serves as an excellent evaluation of mine. 

A huge part of my continuing education is pursuing experiences that enable me to introspect constantly, to understand my strengths, limitations, choices, traumas, biases, past, and, baggage. I am hyper-aware of who I bring to the classroom every day, and how it influences the learning experience of students. 

This page offers an incomplete glimpse of my learning journey. I try to keep it as updated as I can. 


Papers and Essays


Workshops, Courses and Trainings



My Teachers

This section on my education cannot be complete without mentioning the many, many teachers I have had the privilege to learn from. 

Some people get to learn under the direct tutelage of great teachers. Others like me take a leaf out of Ekalavya's book and find their gurus on the Internet. 

In Sanskrit, guru means the dispeller of darkness. Each of these extraordinary teachers has helped me wade through darkness and find light in my little corner of the world where I aspire to be a better teacher every day.  

Some of them have passed; many don't even know I exist. I have had the privilege of learning directly from a few. 

I owe every little breakthrough in my teaching career to them. 

 Cover Photo from my life-changing trip to CTL, Maine

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